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ESG Strategy

A well-crafted Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy provides the framework for your company to achieve its sustainability goals while providing the most value to all stakeholders.

ESG Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all ESG approach, and your company deserves a strategy that is as distinct as it is. KSN Horizon can develop an ESG strategy that is aligned with your sustainability goals and objectives while also ensuring flexibility to meet the physical and legislative demands of a changing world.

Your customised ESG strategy will be aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals to ensure a robust risk assessment, management, and mitigation system. Our team will build de-carbonisation plans and development roadmaps specific to your new or existing asset.

The KSN Horizon team will work with your organisation, and third parties, to understand the performance of your existing asset and building renovation passports specific to the development.

As needed, our team will fully integrate climate resilience into your sustainability strategy.

ESG Regulation

KSN Horizon will help you navigate asset, fund, and corporate compliance obligations based on your area of operation, company size, valuation, and numerous other criteria.

KSN Horizon is also highly experienced in collating data and evidence to help better understand your carbon footprint, as well as participating in voluntary disclosures or the GRESB assessment.

ESG Continuing Professional Development

Limiting the effects of climate change will necessitate a collaborative effort at all levels of your organization.

KSN Horizon provides tailored workshops for all levels of your organisation to ensure that sustainability is embedded at all levels and that all stakeholders are fully engaged in the process.

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