KSN Horizon measures and improves asset performance to meet your businesses sustainability goals

Data Analytics

You can’t improve something you can’t measure. KSN Horizon offers solutions to a wide range of data-related challenges, allowing you to understand the impact of your buildings and plan a path to meet your sustainability objectives.

Data Acquisition

Complete and accurate data is required for reporting and benchmarking.

KSN Horizon offers tools and training to ensure that you and your service providers are prepared to collect and report data in accordance with your sustainability objectives. Given our team’s experience in facilities management and construction, you will spend less time collecting data and more time understanding and improving your assets and portfolios.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics services identify the financial risks associated with poor energy performance and quantify the financial impacts of climate change on your real estate portfolio.

This will enable you to make impactful decisions with confidence and measure the environmental fingerprint of your asset or portfolio.

Benchmarking and Reporting

KSN Horizon will give you the tools you need to analyse the energy performance of a single property or an entire portfolio.

We can benchmark your assets’ performance and assess their stranding risk as a result of regulatory changes or potential shifts in energy costs.

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