Q&A Interview with Brian Cunningham Director of KSN Horizon

Investors’ demands for sustainability; environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are among the most pressing issues confronting global financial markets. These requirements have an impact on investment decisions in the real estate sector because they affect prospects for value appreciation, vulnerability to obsolescence, and the risk of premature devaluation.

To address these sustainability and ESG challenges, Irish-owned award-winning KSN Construction Consultants, KSN Project Management, and KSN Energy have launched ‘KSN Horizon’, which will provide the practical implementation of strategic, long-term sustainable solutions to the real estate sector in Ireland and Europe.

As part of their launch, we spoke with Brian Cunningham, Director of KSN Horizon, about the company’s mission, how they assist clients, and what we can expect from them in 2022 and beyond.


Q1. Brian, can you tell us how KSN Horizon came about?

Of course, in 2018, a long-standing client requested assistance from KSNPM in preparing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report for their stakeholders. After completing the reporting exercise, I realised that property owners will require guidance and advice on how to meet their climate goals. KSNPM was then appointed to a second climate advisory role. We required the assistance and expertise of KSN construction consultants and KSN energy consultants to move this forward.

I quickly realised during this period that we needed to expand our current skill set in order to meet our clients’ requirements for transitioning to a net-zero economy. At first, I viewed climate change as a business opportunity, a market gap. As I gained a better understanding of the effects of climate change on our planet, my perspective quickly shifted from one of business opportunity to one of a duty of care we all owe to our environment and future generations, thus the birth of KSN Horizon.


Q2. What does KSN Horizon do for its clients Brian? 

With the ever-changing landscape of climate legalisation, the ramping up of green finance, and its reporting criteria, there is growing anxiety amongst asset owners to reach net-zero. Our primary objective at KSN Horizon is to provide clients with a well-articulated long-term strategy and a clear plan to address the transition to Net-Zero.

We feel this approach will distinguish our clients from their peers thus inspiring confidence with their shareholders, end-users, capital providers, and other stakeholders. We also offer a range of other bespoke sustainability services for clients.


Q3. Brian, what are the core values that KSN Horizon works towards? 

Contributing to climate change mitigation, I believe, is a privilege. I believe that we should apply what we have learned to better the world and assist those who do not have the same advantages. After all, our human contract is not just with our immediate family, but with all of the planet’s inhabitants.


Q4. What can we expect to see from KSN Horizon in 2022?

KSN Horizon is anticipating an exciting and busy year in 2022, with a steady stream of work already in the pipeline.

We want to see KSN Horizon serve as a catalyst for climate action in the real estate and construction sectors, providing clients with practical guidance on how to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Along with our current services, we hope to launch a comprehensive Green House Gas (GHG) accounting and reporting service for clients who are required to provide a GHG inventory. This is critical in light of upcoming European legislation requiring large companies to publish regular reports on the social and environmental impact of their operations (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, CSRD).

In addition, we will launch a KSN Horizon sustainability newsletter to keep our clients up to date on the latest climate matters from around the globe. We will continue to develop a number of key pieces of marketing collateral in addition to sustainability insights, and we hope to expand our workforce from 20 to 40 over the next 12 months. Along with this, we want to raise our industry profile by attending and presenting at a number of industry events.


Q5. Does KSN Horizon work with clients outside of Ireland?

Yes, a number of our clients have assets located throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Combating the effects of climate change is a global issue, and as such, we want to contribute actively to macro-level solutions.

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC’s) are at the heart of the Paris Climate Agreement (NDCs). This is a commitment by each country to mitigate the effects of climate change and adapt to its consequences.

KSN Horizon aspires to be recognised as pioneers in Ireland’s effort to achieve net-zero emissions in the real estate and construction sectors. In this way, we hope to assist Ireland in meeting its climate targets for 2030 and 2050.


To find out more about KSN Horizons bespoke range of services visit our services page here.

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