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Internet Of Things (IOT) Buildings

A smart building is a green building if it is managed intelligently.
Moving away from a design culture that focuses on inputs during the building design phase and toward a more careful consideration and monitoring of outputs during building, occupancy is critical for improving energy efficiency and decarbonising our buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Our initial data collection process will assist you in determining your impact and identifying environmental, energy, and climate strengths and weaknesses.

KSN Horizon will provide you with a path to energy optimisation that is tailored to your regulatory needs and the ambitions of your climate goals.

Constant Monitoring

The Internet of Things (IOT) Buildings constantly monitors a property’s performance. All of the technology we design into buildings, usually within the strict guidelines of some form of green certification, is pointless if we don’t listen to them.

Data from utility meters, BMS points, and room-level equipment provide information about air quality, temperature, lighting, and energy and water consumption.

We can create a profile of how your building operates by continuously monitoring these data points and recommending interventions to improve energy efficiency and tenant health and wellbeing.

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