ESG improvement strategies require a systematic approach in order to implement the necessary activities economically and according to targets.​

KSN Horizon

5 Step ESG Improvement Framework

After the status of the portfolio has been established, KSN Horizon identifies the roadmap to asset decarbonisation and resilience. Implementation of this road map provides a secure and long-term future to client investments. We see the implementation stage as a great opportunity for clients to realize added value by improving assets and providing longevity to their portfolio.

Step 1: Determining the Initial Status

  • Systematically improve measurements.
  • Use data to create GHG reports evaluating high, medium, and low-risk assets.  Use carbon risk assessments and establish a risk register based upon outputs and client influence.
  • Macro portfolio analysis and benchmark-setting with financial scenario modeling and shadow carbon pricing.
  • Strategise next steps and develop initial deliverables.

Step 2: Asset Auditing 

  • Based on the risk register create an asset ESG review program.
  • Use a hybrid of ESG technical assessments, site monitoring surveys and BREEAM IN USE assessments.
  • All assets to be prioritised, assessed
  • Create individual asset recommendation reports based upon findings.

Step 3: Asset Improvement Plans

  • Create improvement plans based upon ISO14001 “Plan, Do, Check, Act” methodology
  • Cost-benefit analysis and optimal solution
  • Buy-in from stakeholders, investors, customers, and the ESG team
  • Improvement plans to include 3 optimisation categories

Environmental Quality

Data monitoring, user energy, asset energy and envelope, supply systems materials/recycling, local context, and renewable energy.

Economic quality

Resource conservation, resource efficiency, carbon risk mitigation, strengthening resilience, circular economy, and sustainable procurement.

Sociocultural and functional quality

AI tenant supports (Chatbot tech), air monitoring and automation, tenant engagement technology (Apps), health and wellness promotion, and monitoring and mobility improvement.

Step 4: Optimisation Delivery

  • Implement all environmental, sociocultural, and economic optimisation recommendations
  • Optimise and combine climate action and economic viability recommendations

Step 5: Quality Assurance & Data Disclosure

  • Verify sites to ensure the implemented climate action measures are effective
  • Educate the client on asset management
  • On-going climate reporting and risk mitigation

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