KSN Horizon protects your assets and business from the effects of climate change

Climate Resilience

Taking proactive steps to mitigate climate change’s physical, financial, and transitional threats. Protect your assets, supply chain, and customers while maximizing value for all stakeholders. A strong climate resilience plan includes a path to Carbon Zero while ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of your stakeholders.

Net Zero

With the signing of the Paris Agreement, over 190 countries committed to a future of net-zero carbon emissions.

Determining your role in positively influencing climate action, as well as meeting your regulatory and legislative obligations, will necessitate a thorough review of your business strategy. KSN Horizon will create a custom carbon mitigation strategy that will meet your sustainability goals while also keeping you up to date on the latest climate legislation.

Embodied Carbon/One-Click LCA

KSN conducts whole-life carbon assessments sequentially throughout the project’s stages, including early-stage assessments that establish the project’s baseline carbon estimate.

This enables project teams to engage with and comprehend the full scope of the project’s carbon footprint.

Comprehensive building scope assessments account for all components throughout the project’s lifecycle stages, including the product stage (A1-A3), the construction process stage, the in-use stage, and the end-of-life stage.

LCAs are based on the BCIS Elemental cost analysis standard, which ensures consistency in reporting quantities derived from the BOQ, cost plan, BIM Model, or other estimates.

SBTi Services

The SBTi’s Corporate Net-Zero Standard (also referred to as the Net-Zero Standard) provides guidance, criteria, and recommendations to support corporates in setting net-zero targets through the SBTi.

After we have developed your business GHG base-line, we can support you to develop a credible GHG reduction plan from your base year to net zero.  We support clients to publicly declare their commitments to peers and investors through the Science Based Target Initiatives.

TCFD Services

To deliver the climate goals agreed by the G20 Conference and COP26, many nations are starting to require sustainability disclosures. The shift from voluntary to mandatory TCFD reporting was supported by all G7 members in June 2021 with the UK, Switzerland, and New Zealand all pledging to make TCFD reporting mandatory by 2025.

TCFD reporting captures what impact your business is having on the environment and what climate change could do to your business through the four pillars of governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets. KSN Horizon can support you right across these pillars from climate risk and opportunity workshops, developing the full GHG Inventory for Scope 1, 2, and 3 to ISO 14064-1 and verifying data to 14064-3 and the future scenario analysis to quantify the value at risk.

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